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Amy Trask

Publications Director


  • A spouse to a submariner for 22 years and counting and mom of three.
  • A former newspaper reporter who left the news business to become an attorney. Although currently not working as a lawyer, I am licensed to practice in Hawaii.
  • A Scout mom who spends “an hour a week” with my kids’ Cub Scout pack and Scout BSA troops.
  • A “dog” person. My 15-year-old retriever-hound mix has seen the world as part of our Navy family, and we adopted a boonie dog in Guam.
  • Passionate about building strong communities that support personal and spiritual growth.

Amy Trask worked as an appellate law clerk for the State of Hawaii Judiciary, where she researched issues in criminal, family, commercial and administrative law. She is licensed to practice law in the State of Hawaii. Previously a newspaper reporter, she also holds a master’s in journalism from Northwestern University.

Amy has been a member, officer, and advisor in military spouse clubs and Family Readiness Groups in California, Hawaii, Washington, and Nebraska. She currently lives in Guam, where her spouse is an active-duty submariner.

Amy is an active volunteer with Navy Services Familyline and scouting.