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Command Support Team (CST)

The Command Support Team (CST) is designated by the Commanding Officer and plays an important part in a command’s readiness. Typically it will include the CO, XO, CMC, Chaplain, their spouses, and the Command Ombudsman. Command sponsored spouse group leaders may also be designated to be members of the team. This team helps to build and maintain the well-being and morale of the command families and the command. They support the overall mission by keeping lines of communication open between family members and the command. This ensures the command is aware of the needs of its family members. The volunteer spouse members of the team will work closely with the CO, XO, CMC, and Chaplain to provide support to the command families. 

The volunteer spouses of the Command Support Team often attend Ombudsman Basic Training or Electronic Ombudsman Basic Training (eOBT), usually with their Command Ombudsman. This training provides guidelines and direction in dealing with important family issues and emphasizes the importance of confidentiality. It also enables team members to stand in for each other when they are unavailable for short periods of time. f an Ombudsman must resign without providing notice, a trained member of the CST can then be appointed by the Commanding Officer to fill in until another Ombudsman is selected and trained. You can find your ombudsman through the contact your ombudsman feature on the Ombudsman Registry.

Family Readiness Group (FRG)

The purpose of an FRG is to propagate Family Readiness and to provide support. FRGs also provide current local information and encouragement for the Navy family. This group is responsible for planning special events for command families, particularly during deployments. Participation is not mandatory, however, family members find it valuable to have a support network in place to assist with resources and referrals. More information on FRGs can be found in OPNAV 1754.5C. FRG Training is available at your Fleet and Family Support Center and on-demand.

Pre-Deployment Brief

Generally, the command will sponsor a meeting prior to a deployment to introduce the Command Ombudsman, provide family members with information about the schedule, and answer questions. Representatives from the military support community are invited to speak about services available from the Chaplain, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, Fleet and Family Support Center, Navy Legal, etc.


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